Kid illustrated books are books illustrated by kids!

We often think of creativity as lots of color and busyness but it's the opposite of what's really needed to be creative.


White space, freedom, and time to think, create, color, design etc. are just a few of the things Kid illustrated books provide to kids to help them be more creative.

Parents are concerned about kids spending too much "screen time" in our challenging age of technology.  Kid illustrated books and resources provide an answer by helping parents and caregivers help kids get away from screens, have fun, unleash their imaginations and just be kids again.


Linda Pearson is an advocate for children, community, and creativity. 

She is the founder of Scooby Van of San Antonio, a 501c(3) nonprofit charity inspiring communities to work together so every child can own a book.

 Linda is a radio show host and Editor-in-Chief of two magazines that will launch in 2022.

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